About the practicum experience

The goal of the practicum at the Faculty of Information is to provide students with hands-on experience to supplement their theoretical knowledge, and to help them develop professional competencies. For more information about the practicum courses, please visit the iSchool website.

Information for Hosts

Thank you for helping our students get practical experience before they graduate! Practicum projects for the Summer 2017 term, for the INF2173 Information Professional Practicum course (105 hours placement) can now be submitted by April 28, 2017. For more information, please visit the iSchool website.

Information for Students

The practicum courses are open to all iSchool students, who have completed the defined per-requisites for each practicum course, which include core and/or required courses for their program. Access to view the projects is open to students enrolled in INF2158 and/or INF2173H course.